Did you know that in 2022 there is a possibility to stick your lashes on, with a use of a black felt tip liner? WELL... Now you know. Cloudy Cosmetics offers a Quick Lash liner adhesive, which is pretty much a black liner mixed in with lash adhesive, meaning that your false lashes will stick on top of it!

They currently have it on sale for only £2.50 as they are rebranding the packaging!


I personally could not love a product more, it is definitely one of the most convenient products for lazy makeup lovers or even if you are constantly on the go.

The product is fully cruelty free and the packaging is definitely out of this world, right?

If you are a fan of cute packaging, good quality and of course affordable cosmetics then this is definitely something to check out. Would you like me to create a step by step tutorial of this product?

Let me know!

Quick Lash liner adhesive in black. £2.50 available at: Cloudy Cosmetics UK



 Hey guys, I am not sure if many of you are aware but indie makeup brands are taking off like a storm and I am definitely not complaining. I have been using products from Cloudy Cosmetics for a while now and I am more than obsessed. If you want to invest in quality products from a UK based brand which provides extra cute packaging then I am here to show you what greatness you will receive. 

All of the products come in extra cute, pastel themed packaging. A lot of them have a bow element which is SO CUTE! I am literally in love. All their products are cruelty free which is really an important factor for many of us when purchasing cosmetic products. I believe that it is really not that hard to make products cruelty free yet a lot of big brands chose to ignore that.

If you would like a separate post of me showing you individual products, please let me know!

Some of my favourites include the lip glossesbrow products and false lashes!

Let me know if you have tried anything from this brand or if you are willing to?

Products shown: click here


My beauty brand!

 Hi guys! Just wanted to inform you that I am now an owner of a small business- https://cloudybrows.bigcartel.com/

Here are some products!



 Helloooo sweeties! At the moment the UK is experiencing a heat wave... I'm not a fan! But at least I ordered few bits for it from FEMME LUXE and by that I mean short sleeved t-shirts. That is as adventurous as I get to be fair. Anyways I have ordered some t-shirts and a nice grey lounge wear, I tried to size up in all clothing so that it can be more comfortable and breathable. 

All these pieces are super flowy thanks to my size up decision, everything fits perfectly and I could not be happier with them. The lip graphic top I have seen all over the internet and the fact we can snatch it up for such a low price on Femme's website is great! Grab it while you can :) 

Anyways, I also went for a big XL plain black t-shirt to wear with joggers and fit it into my I did not try today outfit theme, it is great for that. It looks great with jeans, joggers, leggings, you pick. It's like a pick'n'mix.

The lounge set I have also ordered too big so that it can be breathable and oversized, really comfortable, I think it's perfect to even sleep in on colder winter days. Will definitely do that... :D

I love these items, so overall I can say that I am happy with this order. 

What do you guys like the most? Let me know in the comments if you have tried their website x 







 Hey guys, today I will be showing you my favourite palette in the glitter/topper category which is the Too Faced Life's a festival palette.

This palette is one of their older ones from few years back however you can still find it in some online stores. It was a part of their festival collection. The packaging is pure cuteness and glitter which I love!

There is about two mattes, a matte brown DESERT VIBES and a pink YOUNG & FREE, they are both nice mattes, I have hit pan on the pink and will continue hitting pan on the other gorgeous shades.

Overall there is 12 eye shadows and one blue highlighter which I use as an eye shadow. Apart from the two mattes, the rest are glitters, some more chunky and some very very butter smooth.

My favourite shades include MYSTIC RAIN ( I hit pan on it ) , EUPHORIC, BEAMIN and the whole palette to be honest here.

These glitters are the best I have ever touched, I love how they apply even though there might be slight fall out with the chunkier ones, I can overlook it because they are breath taking!

Buying this palette purely for the glitters which are over 90% of this palette is definitely worth it ! Grab it while you can :) 




Hi guys! Time for another Femme Luxe clothing haul, I have only just got around to unpacking it as I have been at work and did not really have the time to sit and try things on.
I have ordered two dresses and a 'baby girl' top which I already have in two other variations... love the way it looks!

The parcel, like usually took around two to three days to arrive ( UK ). The packaging is pink and just all kinds of wonderful! 

The mesh dress is ideal for a summer night out, personally I found it too revealing therefore I have paired it with a plain top underneath to make it more wearable for me. I love how it has turned out, it looks so well put together. The little mini length adds it some freshness and riskiness which we all love for sure. It is tight on the body and presents itself amazingly.

The 'baby girl' top is also great, material really soft like always. The font the graphic is written in has reeallllyyy caught my attention and will probably catch the attention of others too. Personally I love how simple and effective it can be while styled correctly.

What is your guy's favourite?



Hi guys! Today's post is a little informative one about concealers which in my opinion are somewhat comparable to the well known Tarte shape tape concealer which has risen to fame due to its coverage and wearability.

The two products shown are as followed, the E.L.F 16hr Camo concealer and Lovely ( polish brand found on ebay ) Liquid camouflage concealer.

Both have a very similar, chunky applicator. The consistency on both is very thick and full coverage, the Lovely concealer dries down faster so we have to work quickly with it.

When it comes to wearbility with these cheap alternatives ( E.L.F - £5 , LOVELY £4 ) compared to £23 Tarte concealer. The price differences are quite shocking to be honest.

Both of the mentioned concealers are untouchable and do not move on the face, if you are a hard worker, these will stick to your face like I'm not sure what but something very sticky for sure.

They are comfortable to wear throughout the day, for really dry skin there might be some drying or even dry patches but a fixing mist and a sponge dab should be able to fix that.

My personal favourite is the Lovely option as it is that tiny bit lighter on the skin and not as heavy feeling but I will leave each of you to your own preference. Overall I recommend giving these a go if you are looking for an affordable option of the Tarte shape tape.



Hey guys! I am back with a 12th order from FEMME LUXE... 12 is my favourite number so a lucky order I guess. I have ordered four t-shirts, pretty basic but they are comfortable, what can I say... a girl likes her comfy clothes.

In the order I have two white tops, one black and a blue tie dye which personally is my big favourite as I am obsessing over tie dye lately. FEMME LUXE t-shirts never disappoint me and are always of very nice quality, the material feels very soft and is breathable which is much needed in this humid weather the UK is experiencing lately... we need some air please!

I have so many of these graphic t-shirts from the website, all of them wash very well, the print stays on and does not come off in the wash and the material does not do any funny business.

Like mentioned many times before, delivery time is around 2-5 days but usually arrives to me within two days so really, really fast!

Overall I am happy with the order and love these cute little printed t-shirts, they are great for everyday outfits.



HI GUYS! Today is another inspiration post with my makeup looks from my instagram: @klaudias_makeupx



Hello guys, today is the eleventh haul from the well known FEMME LUXE, I have ordered three pieces of clothing including- t-shirts and trousers. I have two tops, one of which is a regular t-shirt with a graphic printed on it and the other one is a simple black cropped top.


All these items fit perfectly, my favourite has to be the pink pair of jeans! They are super stretchy and fit very comfortably which I like about them, the material is not jeans but it is something in between jeans and leggings I would say. They also have some place for a belt, thank god! They are a little too big in the waist so luckily I can pair them with a very nice belt and be good to go. 

When it comes to the t-shirts, both are very soft and comfortable. The cropped top comes to above my belly button which is a nice length for hot summer days or well any other hot days. The white femme t-shirt is ideal to complete a simple outfit.

Overall I am very happy with the order, like always to be honest. Like I said, the pink jeans have to be my favourite and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to spice up their basic wardrobe.



Today is already my tenth order with FEMME LUXE which can only confirm that I actually like the shop very much. Like usual, the order has arrived very,very quickly. I would say, around three days.
I have ordered two pairs of joggers, a single top and a very comfortable lounge wear which consists of a big bear,fluffy jumper and matching loose joggers. It is sooo warm! Right now in the UK the weather is questionable so the lounge wear set is great for the comfort in the house and to keep warm.


Overall I am very happy with the order, my favourite thing is definitely the bear fluffy lounge wear set, it is perfect for cold blooded people like myself, I am literally always cold but this little set manages to keep me in the warm. Other items are just as nice, the little top is perfect for hotter days with some jeans or shorts. The joggers will be great for everyday outfits whether we're staying at home or out in the town.



Hello guys, another haul from Femme Luxe, it's already a ninth one. I am not complaining though :D
If you are new to my blog and have no idea at all what the company is, it is pretty much your well loved online clothing store with a very quick, express delivery. Alsoooo, students get extra 10% off on top of 15% off with code TKE15.

My delivery parcel usually arrives in under three working days.I love how fast my clothing always arrives because it makes me assured that in case of a clothing emergency, I will get my items fast!

This time I stuck with mainly black as the primary colour, I have went with two lounge wear sets and a cute little top! 
To begin with, I got all items in a size 12-14 as a reference if anyone needs one, I like to size up just in case, I would rather have something too big than too small.
The top, I already have but with white writing, this time I went for the red. We love the variety here, don't we?

Next up we have a beautiful set with a twisted cropped top and wide legged trousers, I am in love with it! It is a perfect going outfit. It is a perfect combination of casual and smart I would say if we want to call it that then why not. The material is really flowy, the wide leg really does it for me and slims down the legs, for definite. 

Lastly we have our casual, normal kind of day outfit- the little simple lounge wear set in also black. It comes with joggers and a jumper, super comfortable. I have wore it for my day out to the shops and it has been great for that purpose as well as many other.

I love all these items and cannot wait for maybe colder weather so that I can wear the last two outfits without sweating my soul out. I definitely like the black theme going on here, these pieces managed to spice up my wardrobe although they are just the basics of the basics. 


Do you like these items? Let me know in the comments 



Hi guys, today's post is all about jelly eye shadows from Phoera which are available at PHOERA COSMETICS UK.

They come in many different, beautiful shiny shades which reflect little shimmers in different lights.Their consistency, as the name says is a jelly/ putty which is smoothly applied with a finger
( warmth from the finger helps it melt into the eye ) or a very dense small brush which will also pick up the pigment and shine nicely. On my instagram: klaudias_makeupx - click you can find some looks where I have cooperated some of these shadows.

Once you apply them on a wet base, whether it is a concealer or an actual eye base, the shadow will stick automatically. After a while it dries down meaning it will not move from the lid and will remain untouched throughout the day. I say that for better visibility you use a shade of the same colour underneath, preferably matte. On top you can apply the jelly shimmer which will result in a bigger pop of the colour.



These shadows are definitely a quick way to shine out the eyes, especially for the lazy makeup fans including myself, if we need a quick glam all it takes is a swipe of a finger to glitter out our eye lids. The jelly consistency is so fun to play with and I am in love with the sleek packaging and holographic logo.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments, I am in love with these!

-Klaudia xoxo



Hello guys, this post is the eighth haul from the online shop FEMME LUXE. This time, I mean like always, I have went for comfortable clothing in which it includes tops and a simple lounge wear set. I find that these items of clothing tend to be my favourites and that's what my mind drifts towards every time I make an order.

As usual, the package arrived in close to no time so at this point I am just solidifying the fact that the shipping is really, really.... really fast.


The first top I already own but in a larger size which is more of a round the house size if you know what I mean, I decided that it would be great to reorder it but in a smaller size that would be more fitted to my body. I already knew what I was dealing with therefore of course I am happy with the shirt. Material washes really nicely and nothing seems to be breaking or falling apart so that is a good sign, right?

Next up we have a 'Basic' shirt, I wish I have sized up to make it a bit looser but I'm not complaining, tight clothing is fine too hehe :) Anyways the shirt is perfect for the no effort days where we cannot be asked to create an outfit, this shirt will create it for you.

Last up we have a lovely lounge wear set , same as before this is for the not so creative days where we just want to put something on and go out straight away. The trousers and the top are made out of stretchy material allowing movement and space therefore we will not sweat in this outfit or maybe not as much. I love how simple and effective it is, it's a definite yes from me.



Hi guys, in today's post I will be sharing my new favourite lipstick with you. I have found it on Aliexpress after one of my most watched youtuber's has posted this product and talked about how good quality it is.
The lipstick is produced by the brand HOJO found on Aliexpress and cost me under/over £4.
This particular shade is number 274 Milk Tea and is a lovely nudeish shade with orange tones.

The lipstick has a soft matte consistency so even though it appears matte on the lips, it does not have the drying side effect and constantly feels moisturising, how did they do that? I have no idea but I'm here for it.

One coat is more than enough to show off the colour and with one dip of the applicator we can cover all of our lips. Since this is an Asian brand, another fun technique to apply the colour is to dab it into the middle of our lips and since the lipstick is a soft matte and a nude colour, there will be no harsh edges or unblended harshness and it will leave us with naturally coloured lips.

I am in love with the shade and the lipstick, definitely will get more shades. It's a big yes from me and 10/10. To find it on Aliexpress, search '  Hojo moisturising lip glaze'.




Hello guys, today I am back with another portion of orders from Femme Luxe. This is already my seventh order... they must be good, right? Like usual, the package has arrived with express shipping, literally within two or three days. Unfortunately one of the items came damaged so I will not be presenting it here today, hope you guys can forgive me this hahaha :)
I am really happy with this order, three shirts that I picked literally look the same yet are different, how intriguing.

Anyways about the products, all three tops are of perfect condition and good quality. The print survives the washing and nothing rips or falls of. The one item I'm not showing has a factory fault which is probably not the company's fault, just a bad item which happens sometimes.
I am in no way annoyed with the company.

Although that is a big disappointment I am going to overlook it and enjoy the products that have arrived in perfect condition as it was a one off thing I believe.

The website offers free delivery on orders over £30 and next day delivery for orders made before midnight.
Code : TKE10 provides a 10% off of all orders. On top of that, students get extra 10% off.

So the products that are all good are linked here in case anyone plans on loving them as much as I do:



This Pink honey top is oversized just like the rest, making it perfect for comfy days in or a quick run round town. I love the flowy feel of shirts so yes I would definitely to size up if you're a comfy person like me.

These are perfect for when you tuck them into jeans or shorts as well.

Next up we have the Pink La femme top Red lips top, like you may have noticed, all of these tops are the same shade of pink which personally I am in love with at the moment. Here we have another graphic with big red leopard print lips in the middle. I love how simple yet effective it is, definitely in love with it!

 This Pink la femme leopard lips top is like the previous one mentioned very comfortable and wearable. I have ordered all three tops in a size LARGE just to make sure I get the desired extra room and space for when I do my daily activities. After washing these tops the material remains as soft as before and after ironing the prints have not damaged which is a sign that it the prints are not of poor quality.

I feel like I could have ordered more colour variety however it is my mistake and to be quite honest, I love baby pink so I should not really be complaining here.

This brand has been really surprising me with the quality of their clothes, it is affordable yet the clothing always is of good quality.

Overall I am happy with the shirts and definitely want more of these but this time maybe in different colours.

What do you guys think? Let me know
- Klaudia



Hi guys, today I am back with a makeup post. I will be talking a little about a brand called Phoera Cosmetics, this website sells the Phoera brand in the UK. At the moment there is also a sale going on therefore I recommend checking it out.

I was kindly sent a package to test out some of their products, you can find them on Instagram as well as their website :

Single matte eye shadows -SALLY & FRISKIE
Glitter eye liners -PINK & PURPLE
Metallic eye shadow - ICE BLUE
Jelly eye shadow  - BORAGE

To begin with, I have swatched the single shadows and eye liners. I was surprisingly shocked at the quality, the shadows felt super soft and smooth and gave an even coat while swatching on the back of my arm. The shimmery shade ' ice blue ' has a lovely amount of metallic in it, making it pop on the eye no matter what the base is.
With the glitter liners, the glitter spreads nicely and there is no empty spots with only the translucent base.
One of the eye shadows is in fact a jelly, it has a thin consistency and applies flawlessly. I would recommend two coats for even coverage. It dries down quickly so there is no smudging. 

Here are the swatches of all four shadows and the bottom two show glitter eye liners.

A close up of all the colours.

The foundation I have picked is the soft matte foundation in the lightest shade. When I tell you the coverage is something else... It is amazing. Beats my other more expensive foundations for sure, the finish is matte but it is not a harsh matte, it wears for hours even in big heat that we have experienced in the UK in the past few days. I have tested it in all conditions possible and it has not put me down. This is definitely becoming my new favourite foundation and if I had to recommend one product it would be this one.

Here I have two types of magnetic eye liners, a liquid and a gel that comes with its own small,precise brush. The lash style I have picked is ' SASSY ', they're natural but big if you know what I mean. The lash strip has 5 mini magnets to help lashes stick to the liner.
When it comes to the liner, we need two thin coats, one on top of the other. Between each coat we should wait about a minute or two just to make sure there is no smudging. 
We would think that these would not stick well as they're magnetic but when I tell you they stay on... they stay on! I have used them for a makeup look and they have stayed on for the whole day!

For this look I have used the blue shades of the shadow along with magnetic liquid liner and ' SASSY' lashes. 
It is up on my instagram page - @klaudias_makeupx/ - click

Overall, Phoera Cosmetics UK is definitely worth checking out, especially with the very affordable pricing. The affordable prices don't make the products of lower quality and they all work perfectly fine so there is definitely no complaints from my side :) 

What do you guys feel like trying out? Let me know in the comments.

Love, Klaudia xoxo