Human hair extensions

There is not a lot of information out there on hair extensions for first timers. Many of the blogs you read online are aimed at an audience that are already sold on hair extensions. You want to know why you should really bother spending your money on them and that is exactly what we are going to discuss today!

We're going to tell you all about how hair extensions may be the answer to all your problems and tips for making sure you make the right choices.

Hair Extensions Add Gorgeous Length and Volume

What are the real benefits of hair extensions for first timers? Well, the main reason that people choose to get hair extensions is to add envious length and volume to their natural hair. This may be because your natural hair does not grow quick enough or you have thin hair. You may even just want to enjoy a new style. Either way, hair extensions provide you with a tool to achieve your favourite hairstyle or celebrity look.

Hair Extensions for First Timers Do Not Come Cheap

If you really want to have gorgeous hair, you have to realise that quality human hair extensions do not come cheap. Sure, you can purchase synthetic hair extensions at very cheap prices - but you will get what you pay for. The hair will not feel real and has a fake shine that makes it stand out from your natural hair. Plus, you cannot style it with heating tools. So, what is the point?

First timers should really choose Remy hair extensions. These are made from real human hair and are going to provide you with the volume and length you are looking for. They are natural and will blend in with your natural hair easily. With lots of donors, there are different colours available. This means you can extend your natural colour or even create highlights or lowlights.

Hair Extensions Should be Fitted by Professionals

You always want to make sure that your hair extensions are properly fitted by a professional. While you may think it is a hassle to go to the salon, this really is an important step for enjoying the best results. It will not take long for a professional to fit them and they can make sure that it is done correctly.

Depending on the method that is chosen, there is a risk that fitting them yourself could damage your natural hair. Of course, this is the last thing that anybody wants. A professional will make sure that this does not happen and that they are comfortable to wear all day long.

Hair Extensions are a Commitment So, you really want long and luscious hair and you are ready to make the financial sacrifice for quality hair extensions from Hair Distributors. Well, we should warn you that you do not just have them fitted and that is the end of it. You really need to know that hair extensions for first timers do require some work.
After all, Remy hair is real hair. What we mean is that there is maintenance involved to make sure your hair stays looking beautiful all year round. This includes using specific shampoos and conditioners, as well as protecting the hair when you are styling it. Don't forget that hair extensions are an investment; you have got to protect them!

All hair extension methods require you to visit the salon to have them refitted. As your natural hair grows, the extensions move down with your hair. Regular maintenance sessions ensure that the extensions remain neat and tidy, and keeps them damage free! This is going to make sure they remain looking beautiful.

Human hair bundles

Do you know how to choose virgin hair style when you plan to use Human Hair Bundles? The most fashional and new hairstyles maybe do not suit your face shade. Instead of following the trend, it is more important to have a hairstyle that suit your face. This article talks picking good women hairstyles that best suit your face shapes when you buy Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair.

If you are an oval face shape, you are in luck. Oval face shapes are considered the most balanced shape and all kinds of women hairstyles (short, medium length or long) will flatter your face. Don't hide your face behind lots of Peruvian Hair; let the world see your perfectly balanced face.

If you are a round face shape, you goal is to elongate your face. Any hairstyle that adds width to your face should be avoided. You should have hairstyles that add height on the top and the rest of the hair should stay close to your face. If you have a round face and like short hairstyles, you need to be careful which one you pick out because most short hairstyles need to add width to your face. Lots of women have round faces, a good thing about a round face is that it will make you appear younger. Women hairstyles that flatters round face are mostly long hairstyles or short hair styles that add height.

Avoid very short women hairstyles because it will expose your round face. If you decided on the bob hairstyle that is so popular right now, discuss with your hairstylist to modify it to suit your face shape.

If you are a square face shape, you should try to round off the edges to make your face softer and more feminine. Try long hairstyles that hide the edges and round off your chin. Avoid straight long hair because it will accentuate your square jaw line.

If you are a heart face shape, you should try to add fullness to the bottom of your face to give it a fuller look. The bob hairstyle is very flattering on your face. Try to avoid hairstyles that add height on the crown because it will make you look too heavy.

Talk to your hairstylist and ask him/her the hairstyles that flatter your face. Do not follow trends and fashion blindly; what looks good on other people might look terrible on you.

Women are lucky because women are able to wear their hair in many different ways where men are mostly limited to short hair.women can wear human hair wigs such as full lace wigs and lace front wigs,Even when your favorite hairstyles does not flatter your face, your hairstylist can modify it slightly to fit you or just choose a suitable hairstyle wig.



Hey guys, I've been gone for quite a while now. It's all due to work and college which clearly consume a lot of my time. I have not been posting for several months, this blog will always be a part of me since I've always been passionate about beauty and fashion. I'd love to make a comeback if the time allows me to do so! Thank you for your patience. Also I have noticed google deleted all my comments therefore none of my posts have any? Oh well, hoping to make a comeback as soon as possible! Loves, Klaudia xoxo.

Hej kochani, dawno mnie tutaj nie było.Wszystko jest spowodowane pracą oraz college'em czyli brakiem czasu. Nie publikowałam postów przez kilka miesięcy, ten blog zawsze będzie częścią mnie gdyz właśnie tutaj dzieliłam sie pasją do makijazu oraz ubrań. Chciałabym powrócić jezeli czas mi na to pozwoli. Dziękuje za cierpliwość. Jeszcze jedno, zauwrzyłam ze google usuneło mi wszystkie komentarze z postów ? No trudno, mam nadziejęze szybko powrócę. Pozdrawiam, Klaudia xoxo. 



Hi guys, in this post I'll simply like to show you few things that I really like from the website called Dreslily ( all the links are down below) 
Let me know if you like anything :) 


DISCOUNT CODE: Dresslilygo

($30-$3,$50-$5, $80-$9, $100-$12, $150-$18, $200-$24, $300-$36)



Hey guys! In today's post I'll show you a few things I have bought throughout the last week. I don't have an opinion on any of these products except the Maybelline lash sensational which has been my favourite for ages. If you want an update on certain products let me know in the comments or on my email: klaudia.blogx@gmail.com and I'll create separate posts for products that interest you :) Enjoy the photographs and let me know what you think or if you have tried any of these beauties?

Hej kochani! W dzisiejszym poście pokaze wam co udało mi się kupić w ciągu tego tygodnia.Nie mam jeszcze wyrobionej opinii na temat zadnego z tych produktów oprócz maskary z Maybelline lash sensational którą kocham od dawna. Jezeli chciałybyście post z update'em na temat jakiegoś produktu dajcie znać w komentarzach lub na mój email: klaudia.blogx@gmail.com a ja postaram się dodać oddzielne posty na temat tych produktów :) Zapraszam na zdjęcia oraz dajcie znać czy uzywałyście którąś z tych piękności?




Hi guys, in today's post I'll be telling you about these Polish cosmetics. I'll give them an honest review and say what makes them so good. After all I'm Polish myself and I'm proud of what's 'mine'.

Hej kochani, w dzisiejszym poście opowiem wam trochę o tych polskich kosmetykach do pielęgnacji. Dam im szczerą opinie i napiszę o tym co sprawia ze są tak fajne. W końcu sama jestem z Polski i jestem dumna z tego co 'moje'.


This is a product I've been loving for a very long time however the ones shown in the post are a new thing to me due to the scents.
The peelings can be used 2-3 times a week while washing, they wash as well as they exfoliate our skin leaving it smooth and nicely scented. They're also very refreshing especially during the summer period when our skin definitely needs some extra exfoliating after burning it on sunny days out which leaves us with peeling skin.
My favourite out of the two has to be the olive oil peeling because the exfoliating granules are smaller and not as rough on the skin ( the mandarin peeling has bigger exfoliating granules ).

Są to produkty które kocham od dawna, lecz te które pokazuję w poście są dla mnie nowośćią jezeli chodzi o zapachy.
Peelingi mozna uwywać 2-3 razy w tygodniu podczas kąpieli, myją naszą w skóre tak samo jak ją wygładza pozostawiając po sobie miły zapach i miłą w dotyku skóre. Są rowniez bardzo odświerzające zwłaszcza latem gdy nasza skóra jest mega przesuszona po np. opalaniu.
Mój ulubiony jezeli chodzi o te dwa musi być ten z oliwą z oliwek poniewaz ma mniejsze ziarenka więc jest lzejszy dla skóry, w porównaniu peeling mandarynkowy jest gruboziarnisty.

I have been working during the summer quite a lot which has left my hands in a terrible condition. One evening I have pulled out this hand treatment and gave it a go. It comes with a step 1 & 2 ( peeling for our hands and a moisturising leave on mask+ gloves for a better effect ). I left the step 2 on my hands for about 20 minutes with the gloves on top, after washing it off my hands felt extremely smooth. I couldn't stop feeling them! Will definitely be giving this treatment another go. I just wish it came with a supply for more than one time.

The 3 in 1 nail solution is basically a top coat which is meant to dry our nail polish in 60 seconds after applying, give us a shiny finish and harden our nails. I can definitely say that the shine is very intense which I really like. It does somewhat harden our nails which is good but with the 60 second nail polish dryness.. well it does help with the time for the nail polish to dry but it's not necessarily 60 seconds. 

Pracuję dosyć często w to lato więc moje dłonie są w tragicznym stanie.Jednego wieczora wyciągnełam ten zabieg do rąk i dałam mu szansę. Ma on 2 kroki 1&2 ( peeling do rąk,nawilzającą maskę oraz rękawiczki dla lepszego efektu). Drugi krok pozostawiłam na rękach na ok.20 minut poczym wszystko zmyłam.Moje ręce były pozostawione bardzo nawilzone oraz gładkie. Nie mogłam przestać ich czuć! Na pewno dam temu produktowi następny raz. Szkoda ze w opakowaniu nie ma zaopatrzenia na więcej niz jedno uzycie.

Top coat 3 w 1 ma wysuszać nasz lakier w 60 sekund, nabłyszczać oraz utwardzać nasze paznokcie. Mogę przyznać ze po nałozeniu błysk na paznokciach jest niesamowity. W jakiś sposób na pewno utwardza nam paznokcie lecz jezeli chodzi o to 60 sekundowe wysuszanie lakiery... no pomaga tylko ze nie trwa to 60 sekund.

It's a peeling which contains fine grains therefore it's recommended to use it 2-3 times a week. It says that it contains volcanic sand, I'm not too sure what it does but sounds great to me. I've been really liking this product because i really cleanses out my skin plus it smells really good! I'm not too sure how to describe the scent but I recommend you guys giving it a go.
It's ideal for all skin types including combination and oily skin.

Jest to peeling drobnoziarnisty dlatego poleca się go uzywać ok2-3 razy w tygodniu. Ma ponoć w sobie piasek wulkaniczy co moim zdaniem brzmi świetnie. Bardzo polubiłam się z tym produktem poniewaz świetnie oczyszcza moją twarz a w tym pięknie pachnie! Nie mam pojęcia jak opisać ten zapach ale polecam wam go powąchać przy okazji. Peeling jest idealny dla kazdego typu skóry, w tym do skóry mieszanej oraz tłustej.


Hi! In this post I'll be talking about clip in hair extensions which are great for an everyday use for people who maybe aren't as good or advanced when it comes to hair extensions application. The clip ins are made for us in order to being able to apply them without any stress and use of the hairdresser. They're very easy to put in however if anyone has any troubles it's possible to ask your local hairdresser to fit them in. 
Once you get a hang of it the extension application will be even easier than it already is thanks to the clips which are built in at the back of each hair bundle. Practice makes perfect at the end of the day. 

I do love a good set of hair extensions and I do preferably pick the ones with clips because they're just simpler, easier and quicker  in application. The clips can also sometimes be tricky but that's okay. If you have thick hair like me, make sure to part your hair into equal sections when putting the extensions in. It'll be so much easier when they're equal parts because you'll see when you potentially are missing some volume or hair etc.

Taking the extensions off is super easy too. Make sure you never sleep in your clip in extensions because it can damage our natural hair! When you're taking off your extensions, make equal partings once again where the original partings were, and unclip each strand of hair carefully without pulling. Sometimes the clips can get tangled up with our hair but don't worry you can easily untangle it most of the time. If not then I recommend asking another person to help because we can't really see from the back.

How to maintain our extensions? Make sure not to apply heat higher than 180 degrees Celsius . When you're washing them you should remember about the use of hair shampoo and conditioner even if the hair is synthetic. It will return your extensions the natural shine and make them easier to brush making sure the hair is not tangled up which would make it look unpleasant.

When you do pick your hair extensions make sure you get the right amount, if your hair's already thick you won't need as much however if your hair's thin you'll have to make sure you'll have enough to cover most of areas on your head :)



Hi guys, today I'll be talking about hair extensions. My own natural hair is about shoulder length since I chopped it all off in around June just to allow it to regrow in a healthy way.
I have tried hair extensions while my hair was growing back.
They're a great alternative of a wig since we can camouflage them very well and sometimes they weight less therefore they don't feel as heavy and uncomfortable on our head.

Personally I have used lovely curly hair extensions for my prom hairstyle. It was a half up half down style which showed off the long locks of hair. They looked so natural people didn't even realise that I cut my hair. They were easy to put on or take off and easy to maintain. 

Some hair extensions don't allow washing however most do, you should carefully read their descriptions. Once you do decide to wash your hair extensions I recommend using a good shampoo and a conditioner combo.
Use lukewarm water to first wet the extensions. Apply a equal amount of shampoo and massage it in thoroughly. Wash it off and apply a good amount of a conditioner ( it'll make it so much easier to brush out the hair ) and leave it to 'soak'in for about 5-10 minutes.
After everything's washed off you can leave our extensions to dry for about 24 hours. I recommend leaving them to dry over night :)

When you start your journey with hair extensions it might seem difficult at first to find the right area to place them or simply just how to do so. I recommend seeking advice from your local hairdresser if you knowledge is really poor or simply watching tutorials on you tube. It will help a lot and eventually you will get a hang of it all ! Just keep in mind that everything in life takes practice and you won't know everything unless you've tried it before. So if you've just begun or are about to begin your journey I must say it's better to start off with lighter extensions- ones that are not as heavy so your head can get used to carrying an extra amount of weight because we can't lie that no matter what the extensions will weight down our head even the tiniest amount. It's not something to worry about, it won't cause any damage if the whole process is done properly :)




Hi guys, in today's  post I'll show you few wigs that have caught my attention on the Uniwigs which will be linked down below if you'd like to check them out.

I'm a brunette therefore the blonde wigs definitely caught my attention the most. I'm planning on adding few blondish highlights to my natural hair but maybe before hands it'd be better for me to get a wig in similar colours to see what the finished effect could possibly look like on me and most importantly- If I'd feel comfortable with a lighter hairstyle.

How do you guys feel about wigs? Do you feel like they can be a fun way to experiment with your hair colours and styles? I do and personally I think they're a great addition to let's say a festival outfit.

I have noticed that lately wigs became very popular especially throughout the blogger/vlogger community.At the end of the day thanks to wigs we can change our looks within seconds and become a new version of ourselves.
If you're scared to get a new hair colour or even just damage your hair then once again, what's an answer to that? Get a wig.

Personally I only ever owned one wig which I bought in order to test out and see how it feels. I felt like a new person, someone different since the colour of the wig made my face look so much brighter and healthy. Absolutely loved it! From that experience I have learnt that I'd love to have some blonde in my hair or maybe just lighten it up a bit with hmm... maybe hair extensions?




Hi guys! Today I'll be showing you my order from ZAFUL.COM
I have ordered 2 things that personally I have fallen in love with. The parcel came to me in around a week which is great but I want to underline the fact that I live in Great Britain so I'm not too sure how long the shipping is to other countries.

Hej kochani! Dziś pokaze wam moje zamówienie z ZAFUL.COM.
Zamówiłam 2 rzeczy które naprawdę do mnie przemówiły. Paczka szła do mnie ok.tygodnia co moim zdaniem jest super. Chciałabym zaznaczyć fakt ze mieszkam w Wielkiej Brytanii więc nie wiem jak jest z wysyłką do innych krajów.


They're a throwback to my childhood when most people would wear these trousers ( with or without the chain), they were popular in every colour and pattern. Literally everyone owned at least a pair !
I have noticed that lately they're coming back into style which made me super happy since they're really comfy while look very flattering on the bum and stomach area.

Jest to takie moje wspomnienie z dziecińśtwa kiedy większość ludzi nosiła takie spodnie ( z łańcuchami lub bez), były popularne w kazdym kolorze i wzorze. Dosłownie kazdy miał chociaz parę! Zauwazyłam ze ostatnio powróciły do mody co bardzo mnie cieszy poniewaz są mega wygodne i ładnie się układają na pupie oraz brzuchu.

It's a coat which is supposed to stop the wind getting to us, does it work? Of course it does. The material is very light which is perfect for summer evenings. I love the look of it, what else can I say.It's simply a very nice looking hooded coat.

Jest to zwykła kurtka która po prostu nie ma dopuszczać do nas wiatru, działa? Oczywiście ze działa. Materiał jest mega lekki co jest w sam raz na letnie wieczory. Kocham ogólny wygląd tej kurtki, co więcej mogę powiedzieć.Zwyczajnie jest to bardzo ładna kurtka z kapturem.

Use code " ZFjaned4" for  $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100;

( Kod znizkowy ) 



Hey guys! In today's post I have created a wishlist in cooperation with Zaful
I have picked things that caught my attention and put them into this post
Let me know if you have any of them or maybe just like them?

Hej kochani! W dzisiejszym poście mam dla was wish listę która powstała we współpracy ze sklepem  Zaful
Wybrałam rzeczy które zwróciły moją uwagę i dodałam do tego posta.
Dajcie mi znać czy macie lub chciałybyście jaką kolwiek z tych rzeczy?

Zaful tops
Zaful dresses

1  2   3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10



Hey guys! Today I'll be showing you cosmetics from Note cosmetics and adding a little review as well! Hope you enjoy it, so let's get into it.

Hej kochani! W dzisiejszym poście zaprezentuję wam kosmetyki od Note cosmetics oraz dodam mini recenzję. Mam nadzieję ze się wam spodoba, do dzieła.



Note detox & protect foundation spf 15 ( 01 beige ) £16.45
Note BB concealer ( 02 ) £17.45
Note  mattemoist lipgloss ( 403 sugar kiss ) £9.95
Note luminous silk mono eyeshadow ( 13 ) £8.95

The foundation is sadly too light for me however I still gave it a go.It's meant to be for all skin types.
On the packaging it includes that the foundation contains spf 15, almond oil , yeast extract and vitamin E which sounds great to me. After applying it to my face I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth it looked. I have dry skin therefore some foundations have a tendency to highlight the dry skin areas but this one luckily didn't. Looks very natural while covering what has to be covered.

Jest niestety dla mnie trochę za jasny ale nadal dałam mu szansę. Jest on dla kazdego typu skóry. Na opakowaniu mam informację ze podkład zawiera spf 15, olejek migdałowy, ekstrakt drozdzowy  oraz witaminę E co mi się bardzo podoba. Po nałozeniu na twarz byłam miło zaskoczona tym jak gładko się nakłada. Mam suchą skórę więc więszość podkładów zaznacza mi suche skórki lecz ten tego nie robił. Wygląda bardzo naturalnie i zakrywa to co powinno być zakryte.

This concealer is very luminous and brightens up our under eyes very well. The package informs us that it g
has spf15 and is meant to increase radiance & luminosity. It contains things like citrus skin,grape extract,sunflower oil and wheat germ extract which are meant to protect and moisturize the skin around eyes. It covered my under eye dark bags which is a good sign since not many concealers manage that job.

Ten korektor jest rozświetlający więc nadaje się pod nasze oczy. Opakowanie informuję nas ze zawiera on spf 15 i powninien zwiększyć blask i jasność skóry. Ma on w sobie równiez skórkę cytrusową, ekstrakt z winogron, olej słonecznikowy oraz ekstrakt z kiełków pszenicy które mają za zadanie ochronić i nawilzyć skórę pod oczami. Zakrył on moje wielkie wory pod oczami co nie udaję się niektórym produktom tego typu więc jak najbadziej na plus.

It gives a long lasting matte finish. It contains macadamia oil and vitamin E which helps our lips to stay healthy looking - not dry since it's a matte product. It's scented, it smells amazing! Almost like some cake maybe? 
It's a lipgloss therefore we can't expect it to last all day however it does last a fair amount of time.

Ma on długo trwałe mattowe wykończenie. Zawiera olejek makadamia oraz witaminę E co pomaga naszym ustą w nawilzaniu gdyz w końcu jest to produkt mattow'y i ma tendencję do wysuszania. Ma zapach, jest boski! Coś związanego z np. ciastem?
Jest to błyszczyk więc nie mozemy oczekiwać cało dniowego trwania ale wytrzymuję bardzo długo.

From the packaging I know that it has vitamin E which is meant to help moisturize the skin.It's a beautiful neutral shade which in my case can be used both as eyeshadow and highlighter. I tried it on as both and I fell in love with the way it looks, it doesn't have any harsh glitter therefore it reflects the shine very nicely and naturally.
It's also nicely pigmented.

Z opakowania wiem ze zawiera on witaminę E która ma nawilzać naszą skórę. Jest to piękny naturalny odcień który w moim przypadku moze być uzyty jako cień oraz rozświetlacz. Uzyłam go na  2 sposoby i spodobał mi się w kazdej postaci. Nie ma zadnego  ostrego brokatu dzięki czemu ładnie odbija światło co wygląda naturalnie. Jest bardzo fajnie napigmentowany.






    The colour is truly beautiful, it's not necessarily something I'd wear on an everyday basis however sometimes I do get an urge to go a bit crazy with my makeup and that's exactly when I turn to glitters.
    I do prefer pressed glitters over the loose ones because they're simply less messy.
    This one is organic,vegan friendly and cruelty free which is a massive YES from me.
    It's not scented which is good because sometimes I find shadows and glitters smell a bit weird however this one is perfectly fine.
    After swatching it on the back of my hand I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it applied, with pressed glitters sometimes it's hard to get this smooth consistency that applies easily however this one didn't have that problem.

    Kolor jest przepiękny, nie jest to kolor po który sięgam na codzień lecz czasem lubię zaszaleć z makijazem i właśnie wtedy sięgam po brokaty.
    Zdecydowanie wolę prasowane brokaty od tych sypkich gdyz po prostu jest z nimi mniej bałaganu.
    Ten jest organiczny, wegański oraz cruelty free ( zadne zwierze nie ucierpiało przy ich produkcji). Po swatch'owaniu na ręce byłam bardzo mile zaskoczona tym jak gładko produkt się nakłada, z prasowanymi brokatami czasem trudo uzyskać gładką konsystecję ale ten nie ma tego problemu.

     PRICE/CENA: £6.50

     Picture taken with flash:
    Zdjęcie z lampą błyskową: