Hi! In today's post I'll be showing you few dresses that have caught my eye on the online shop called Millybridal. It has a variety of dresses for all possible occasions which I personally think is great as we have an easy access to see categorized dresses. To be honest I like my dresses simple, one coloured or lacey. If I go 'extra' a bit of glitter won't harm however I defiantly prefer glitter on my eyelids.Dresses I have picked to show you down below meet my criteria and are a great example of what you can find on their website.I'm still due to have my prom this summer so I definitely will have to check the website while I'm preparing for my prom. 

The website has a very nice, neat and simple design which I personally rather enjoy. It's easy to find what you need as like I mentioned before everything's categorized into different events etc.
If anyone needs matching shoes to go with the dress, they also sell shoes! There's also a SALES section so if anyone's on a budget that's a good place to check while we're at it.
The selection of things is actually very impressive,at least for me. Everything looks stunning so I'm sure there'll be some problem while picking a perfect dress because if I could I'd get them all! My wardrobe sadly isn't big enough to fit all these beauties in.


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